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How flexible is the FLEXiT Flashlight? ITS THAT FLEXIBLE!

June 05, 2020

How flexible is the FLEXiT Flashlight?  ITS THAT FLEXIBLE! STKR Concepts

We always have flashlight customers asking, "Just how flexible is the FLEXiT Flashlight?" They are asking because they are really tired of the inflexibility of the traditional flashlight and its inability to actually cast light exactly where they need it.

Female motorcycle mechanic with flashlight fixing wheel part on ...

For example, our customers who own motorcycles are always working on their motorcycles, and in need of good lighting...but it needs to be hands-free and aimable so they can actually accomplish the job at hand, and not be stuck holding a traditional flashlight, or asking someone else to hold it for them.

FLEXIT Flashlights are the best flexible and magnetic flashlights

That is where STKR Concepts steps in the saves the day. The designers at STKR Concepts are actually mechanics, outdoorsmen (and women), powersports enthusiasts, Do It Yourselfers, etc.

They design flashlights and work lights for people who actually use them! The family FLEXIT Flexible flashlights and headlights are the perfect hands-free flashlights. They are magnetic, and users can bend them into any shape. This allows customers to position and aim the light exactly where they need it! Hallelujah!

FLEXiT Solar charging Flexible Flashlight hands free worklight

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