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The STKR® Mobile Task Light Launches! Mobile Lighting just got brighter!

March 02, 2018

The STKR® Mobile Task Light Launches! Mobile Lighting just got brighter! STKR Concepts

A rechargeable flood light that brightens up your world
Mooresville, NC, 03/02/2018 –STKR is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new lighting concept, the STKR Mobile Task Light.  This light is bringing much needed evolution to the world of mobile lighting by offering consumers a versatile, bright, rechargeable task light.  Lightweight, durable, and easily packed, it can flood a room, work area, or campsite with a powerful array of light.
The STKR Mobile Task Light features a durable cast aluminum head that pivots nearly 180° to ensure light can be directed exactly where it is needed.  The aluminum head also (simultaneously) functions as an excellent heat sink.  Unlike halogen shop lights, it is always cool to the touch.   Supporting the light is the tempered steel exoskeleton which acts as a stable base, or a frame to hang the light.  A universal tripod mount on the product base allows users to elevate the light when necessary.
Adding to the versatility of this mobile task light, is its unique variable lens.  When the lens is in the up position, the C.O.B. LED produces over 1200 lumens and spreads nearly 180 degrees, creating a massive flood of light.  Slide the variable lens over the LED and the light will focus to about 120 degrees, projecting the light further and creating more of a “hot spot”.
The STKR Mobile Task Light offers users 4 modes (HIGH / MEDIUM / LOW / STROBE) and is powered by dual lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that boast 4000mAh, ensuring users will have plenty of power, and long run times.  To recharge, simply insert the supplied USB cable into the easily accessible plug on the back of the base.  If longer run times are needed, the light can be used while charging.
The STKR Mobile Task Light will be available April 2018 and the MSRP is $49.99.  For more information on STKR Concepts, and their product line, please visit, or call STKR Concepts at 704-508-1031.
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