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  • Out There with STKR: An Interview with Braulio N.

    avril 11, 2024 3 lire la lecture

    Out There with STKR: An Interview with Braulio N.

    Out There with STKR: Conversations with Modern Day Outdoor Adventurers

    An Interview with Braulio N.

    Braulio’s overlanding adventures began with a love for photography and the great outdoors. Flash forward a couple of years and he’s now working with some of the industry’s top brands, including STKR, to share his passion for overlanding and showcase his Jeep. 

    Warm weather is almost here! Soon more people will be flocking back to the great outdoors. Whether it's fishing at the lake near their house or traveling across the country to explore new sites and camp, we’re all excited to get back to the adventures that we love. For Braulio N., an STKR affiliate and outdoor enthusiast, this means spending more time overlanding and taking photos of his adventures.

    Braulio embarked on his first overlanding adventure about two years ago and has been exploring with his Jeep ever since. He is one of thousands of Americans who have taken to this fun and exciting trend. In 2015, Overland Expo saw around 7,000 attendees. Flash forward to last year’s events and you are looking at over 80,000 attendees and over 1,400 exhibitors, including your favorite lighting company, across four expos.

    With Overlanding becoming so popular, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are coming up with innovative products, like the STKR FLi Over-Lander, to make the activity more enjoyable. There are so many ways to make your overlanding experience unique thanks to these companies. We got the opportunity to ask Braulio just how he customizes his overlanding experience:

    STKR: Coolest places you've gone Overlanding? (You don't have to share your secret spots if you don't want to!)

    Braulio: Everglades to photograph the Milky Way, Providence Canyon, All the Florida Springs, and the Florida Keys.


    STKR: I can see why! Our entire office was jealous of your Milky Way adventure when you sent in your pics. 

    STKR: What's the plan for 2024? Any trips you're particularly looking forward to?

    Braulio: Yes, I do have a few trips coming up, and also some events that I'll be attending, like SAVE expo, Jeep Beach, Overland Expo, and more.


    STKR: Maybe we'll see you at Overland Expo East again this year! ;) It was awesome getting to hang out. 

    STKR: Best Overlanding/road tripping snack… GO!

    Braulio: Pork cracklings and peanut butter cookies.

    STKR: Not a combination that we’ve heard of before, but we’re willing to try anything once! Little salty, little sweet, we can see where you’re going with that!

    STKR: How do you use the Over-Lander when adventuring?

    Braulio: Most of the time I use it to light our camping spot. Also, I used it for working at night and sometimes for night photography.

    STKR: What's your favorite feature on the FLi OV?

    Braulio: The remote, being able to control the light from the distance is just perfect. 

    STKR: Whenever it's not one of the FLi's what is your other go-to STKR product?

    Braulio: The FLEXIT Pocket Light and B.A.M.F.F. 6.0

    STKR: Favorite road trip song?

    Brualio: I'm a reggae guy, so any reggae song.

    STKR: Ohhh… reggae music sounds great for exploring the wilderness. We'll definitely be adding that genre to our playlist!

    STKR: Any good advice for newbies looking to get into Overlanding?

    Braulio: Make sure you are equipped with all the necessary gear to keep you safe and comfortable during all your trips.

    You can follow Braulio and his Overlanding adventures on his Instagram, @xplorbn.

    Have your own outdoor adventures that you want to share in an interview? You can reach out to us at info@stkrconcepts and you could get featured in our next post! 




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